-Welcome in Harmony!-


Come dine in our modern and relaxing atmosphere, where we serve traditional sushi and unique fusion dishes created by our master chef, Jun Fukushima. Chef Jun's culinary experience spans over 50 years in sushi and Japanese cuisine in both, Japan and the U.S. He has showcased his skills as the General Chief Chef at Benihana for 25 years and as the Executive Chef at Shimbashi in Del Mar for 7 years. Our beverage selection is like no other restaurant in the area. Enjoy particularly selected sakes, wines, and unique cocktails that pair exquisitely with our fine dishes.

In addition to traditional sushi and hot and cold Japanese appetizers, our menu includes a variety of flatbreads, homemade desserts, and other regional fusion dishes to cater to a wide range of guests. We are also proud to offer premium A5 Miyazaki Wagyu dishes.

Please let us serve you our traditional and creative dishes so that you can enjoy To Be One (2B1) with us in Harmony!